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Heyden-Securit GmbH - Your partner for price labelling and customer loyalty solutions

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear customers,

for many years Heyden-Securit is in Germany one of the largest supplier of products on the topics of price labelling and customer loyalty solutions. We have lots of price tag printers and systems in the market that are served every day - you cannot collect more experience! Here you will find an overview of our portfolio:

Price Tag Printer / Price labelling solutions

Magicard Drucker in der Übersicht

For more than ten years, we are experts in the field of price tag printer and price sign solutions. For many bakeries and butchers, fish and cheese dealers, cafes, supermarkets and retail shops, printers are simply indispensable.

Here you can find our price tag printer solutions!

Price Label Printer

Epson ColorWorks C3500

There are many label printers available - but a few that can do full color price label printing with all the required information, such as permit prices or pictures to match the goods. The pricing is so appealing and striking.

Get more informations about our price label printers.

Large Format Printer / Plotter

We specialize in the distribution of poster - large format printers over several decades. Over time, new ideas and possibilities are always come up - photo paper, banner materials for individual displays or, more recently, backlit films for LED frame - these innovations and of course we pay the daily business day by day.

Price Sign / Price Lable Software CardExchange Price

With our price labelling and price sign software CardExchange Price you are exactly right; the simple, intuitive operation of the program facilitates the creation of price tags in the daily workflow tremendously. Allergen icons can be added quickly and easily every price tag, so that compliance with the new LMIV nothing stands in the way. Inform yourself about the details of the software!

Loyalty Systems

Customer, bonus or gift cards prove to be increasingly used as powerful tools for customer loyalty of regular customers and attract additional new clients. We assist you in implementing the right solution.

Here you can see different options in the list!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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